Industrial Forklift Chargers

Our Promise

Our technicians are able to quickly and accurately analyze issues that may arise with your chargers. Our technicians are dispatched to end-users throughout the Upper Midwest in order to determine where the error is occurring. We’ll be able to provide a quote to either fix the error or we’d be happy to offer an array of chargers that would satisfy your charging requirements.


  • Inspect AC/DC fuses
  • Verify ammeter operation
  • Inspect cables
  • Inspect connectors
  • Inspect contacts
  • Check start and finish rates
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Preventative Maintenance

Performing periodic preventative maintenance on your industrial chargers helps ensure that you’ll maximize their performance as well as your investment. Our technicians are able to work on an array of industrial chargers from virtually all manufacturers. We verify that all AC and DC fuses are in full working condition and the ammeter is working properly.  We inspect the cables, connectors, and contacts, identify worn or damaged parts, and recommend replacement parts, if necessary.  We also verify the start rate and finish rate on all chargers.

Midwest Motive specializes in performing these recommended procedures:

General Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment will help ensure the longevity of its life.

Dust/Debris Removal

Our technicians will come to your facility and blow out any dust and debris that has accumulated over time. Removing these particles helps the charger run efficiently and safely.

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Power Studies

Have you had a power study completed by the Midwest Motive team to assess your industrial battery fleet? Our motive power experts will provide you with important information regarding your power consumption and battery throughput. Once this data has been provided to you, we’ll make recommendations and provide solutions to optimize your operations.

Data trackers are an important tool when you’re evaluating your throughput. Accurate information helps determine how best to approach your specific application. Let us help guide you to make the right decision to either repair, replace or budget for a replacement battery in the near future.

Request a power study from Midwest Motive today!

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We’re extremely proud of our unparalleled support and service record prioritizing safety and responsiveness. Midwest Motive is here to serve any and all aspects of your industrial battery management and logistic needs.