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Our top-tier manufacturing partners are supported by Midwest Motive’s laser-focused customer support team.

Efficient & Knowledgeable Staff

Our front office offers vast industrial battery and charger experience. Utilize our knowledge and commitment to excellence to your advantage. We’re here to help you grow!

We understand that your valuable time is limited; therefore, we do everything in our power to make your experience with Midwest Motive as flawless and efficient as possible. Clear and concise communication is at the forefront of everything we do. RFQs are answered immediately with accurate numbers in a professional format. All of this tedious, yet necessary behind-the-scenes work helps eliminate mistakes and minimize downtime.

Our Quality Assurance Steps

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Double-checking your truck and battery specs before placing your order

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Staying on top of your ship dates

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Tracking your shipments

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Verifying your aftermarket add-ons are installed properly

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Contacting the customer to verify all delivery details prior to installation

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We’re extremely proud of our unparalleled support and service record prioritizing safety and responsiveness. Midwest Motive is here to serve any and all aspects of your industrial battery management and logistic needs.