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Crown Battery industrial battery.

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Crown Battery: Industrial

Crown Battery has been 100% manufactured in the USA since 1926 in Fremont, Ohio. The Crown Battery Fremont Plant is known worldwide for manufacturing the highest quality Industrial Forklift Batteries. Industry applications continue to be more demanding, and Crown Battery meets these increased demands by producing energy-dense tetrabasic lead sulfate TTBLS, .090 thick positive plates—the heaviest strap and intercell connectors. This robust construction reduces internal resistance rendering unmatched performance. Crown Battery delivers a strong return by providing longer battery life and superior performance.

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EMAX INDUSTRIAL uses only the highest grades of lead, lead oxide, sulfuric acid, and premium insulating materials. These elements along with optimized manufacturing practices deliver batteries with highly dependable power as well as long life cycles. Durable and dependable for almost any motive power application. In addition to its versatility, it is designed to be utilized in both conventional and opportunity charging operations.

Exponential Power battery

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Exponential Power

The Exponential Power battery provides high performance, long life, and lower maintenance costs. Unique tubular design allows for higher capacity without sacrificing battery life, while maintaining normal watering intervals.

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TAB Batteries

TAB Tubular batteries are the perfect mix of European technology with North American standards, combining the higher capacity and efficiency of tubular cells in the same size tray and robust design of a flat-plate battery.

Tab Batteries battery

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“The performance behind power” Lithium battery by Crown Battery. Lithium batteries eliminate the need to swap batteries when running 3 shifts with rapid recharging and don’t require water to eliminate all battery maintenance.

Crown Velocity Lithium batteries deliver a modular battery with different power levels for specific operational demands. With multiple configurations the right size power can be customized to ensure you don’t pay for too much power. Using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LPF) cells you can rest assured that the lithium batteries in your facility are the safest on the market. Carrying the UL certification badge confirms the Velocity battery conforms to the highest safety standards. Velocity batteries are designed and engineered with the highest quality busbar connections and utilized more than 90% American made connectors, harnesses, wiring and electronics.

Fullriver Powervault

The Fullriver PowerVault is a maintenance-free battery pack like no other. It features the unparalleled quality of Fullriver DC Series 224AH batteries charged by the renowned Delta-Q IC650. This premium energy solution is housed together in a highly adaptable shell to provide consistent power you can rely on, and it’s also backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Fullriver Batteries Powervault

Reconditioned & Used Industrial Batteries

Purchasing reconditioned batteries is a challenging task when working through an unreliable source. Midwest Motive takes great pride in providing our customers with exceptional used products that we’ll stand behind. Our reconditioned batteries adhere to an 80% capacity standard before they’re added to our inventory and offered to you. Our used batteries are backed by a one-year, first in class, Midwest Motive warranty.

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Crown Battery: Automotive & Marine

Crown Battery’s superior quality is understood—with thicker plates that make their batteries perform and last longer. From small machines to highly complex Industrial Equipment, we understand all deep-cycle applications. We proudly represent deep cycle batteries, deep-cycle gel batteries, marine, cycling AGM batteries, and dual-purpose AGM batteries.

Crown Battery automotive and marine batteries

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