Our dedicated technicians will help you improve and upgrade every aspect of your industrial battery and charger management.

Battery technicians inspecting batteries.

First-in-Class Service

Over the years, Midwest Motive has built a first-in-class reputation for maintaining your industrial forklift batteries and chargers. As your proactive partner, we will help identify problems before they present themselves. If an issue occurs, we resolve the problem in an extremely responsive, safe, and professional manner. We’re here to provide you with quality service from our factory-trained and experienced technicians in every aspect of battery and charger management.

Partner with the most responsive industrial battery and charger team in the Upper Midwest. Let’s build and solidify long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

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We’re extremely proud of our unparalleled support and service record prioritizing safety and responsiveness. Midwest Motive is here to serve any and all aspects of your industrial battery management and logistic needs.