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Xtreme Power industrial charger.

Charging Technologies

Charging Technologies, Inc. builds proven and long-lasting Ferro resonant chargers, as well as highly efficient and feature-packed high-frequency models. Unlike most USA companies that sell industrial chargers, Charging Technologies is unique in providing chargers that are designed, tested, and built exclusively in the USA, including the power modules used in their high-frequency charger line.

Green Energy Concepts industrial charger.

Green Energy Concepts, Inc.

GECI Diamond Chargers, including Multi-Frequency Opportunity, Hybrid Multi-Voltage, Multi-Current and Control Flux charge systems are designed to produce the highest power factor with proven power savings while reducing carbon footprint.

Powerhouse Access Chargers

Designed and engineered to strict quality standards, every PowerHouse Access Charger is assembled, programmed, and tested to deliver a charging system that meets your facility’s specific requirements.  These charges are lightweight with a small footprint and offer advanced precision control for the best battery life and performance.  Access chargers are microcomputer “smart chargers” and have a peak efficiency of 92% with a power factor of 95% allowing them to be California Energy Commission (CEC) approved.

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